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Trig, I hadn't even realized you had posted (we cross posted) until I saw something Blue wrote to you and was like 'what?!'

Sorry you are suffering with the sinus stuff. We have the same weather pattern coming after a very warm and rainy day today. Apparently snow showers tomorrow? WTH??

So I am totally curious and going to bite- how would you live if you had no baggage? What would your ideal life look like? Paint me a picture with words!

Blue- Aw, it made me happy to picture your Mom making you eggs like that. I hope you make them soon and it makes you happy. My Mom would on occasion make me something called "shirred eggs" which, let it be noted, are totally low carb. That was one of the only ways I would eat eggs!

Saving 100 bucks a month is great! Way to go! I really need to make that call also. We pay way too much. OH! And Liliana is Italian for Leeann. I like that name! Congratulations Great Auntie!

Jaz- While I am not pro- cooking in plastic, using the sous vide is using food grade plastic at a low temperature, not at a high temperature. This is supposed to be safe to do and apparently has been done for decades. The high heat involved in searing afterward is done in a pan (in my case, cast iron.)

Thank you for the recipe! I agree with Blue about green peppers being "bossy" (lol) but I can see doing it with a more mild flavored one, or even making the filling and putting in a zucchini boat or something.
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