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Hi all,

Jaz---Great quote! I copied and pasted and now have it on my desktop---one click away from reminding me what a great way this is to frame our struggles.

Congrats on the $50 win. My hubby plays the low cost lotteries and does really well w/them. Nothing huge, but often enough wins anywhere from $50 to $100. Once he won $10,000!

Your stuffed pepper recipe looks very good, except I hate Green Peppers. One of the few things I don't like when it comes to food. Just find their flavor so bossy. I do like red yellow and orange bell peppers, although they sure do soak you for those. Suppose this would be just as good w/one of those?

hey, just thinking about that gap between finding your place and being able to move in. I'm sure you've already thought of this, but I will throw it out there anyway. Could you possibly live w/your mother during this gap? I know the downside, but it could possibly be for just a month or two. Sure would save you some big bucks.

And oh yeah, the meeting blabberettes!!! The worst. Always looking for brownie points and going on and on when a sentence or two would do. If you ever want to take on another contribution to your company, propose an end of EVERY meeting evaluation that all in the meeting are included in. I have participated in this process many times and it REALLY REALLY makes meetings better and more efficient, as just for instance, a time limit is set on every meeting, and one of the evaluation metrics is did we stick to our time goal. You give yourselves a rating on several things, but it only takes about 5 minutes. Well worth it. If you want to hear more on this, e me, and I'll give you a good site to show how it's done. This could put a feather in your cap when people see how well it works.

Trig---So interesting to read/see how folks who live off the grid do it. Had to laugh on that "a chainsaw is on it's way to a mortgage" comment. I could not live quite that minimally, but I admire the thinking behind it, and am increasingly looking for the parts of it that fit for us.

So glad you have San Antonio to look forward to, AND with your spiffed up RV, all the comforts of home with a lot less hassle. Heck, once the kiddo is in college, you and the pork chop could just be gypsies in the RV---stay somewhere close to her college when you want to, and otherwise go wherever you want when you want.

Nic---THANKS for sharing that chicken wing recipe. Really appreciate it. Sounds delishmo. Passing it on to hubby who makes great wings on the grill, but this will be an excellent thing to try for this time of the year.

On the scrambled eggs---I had to smile, as the slow cook is how my mom always made them, and they were so buttery and creamy and good! I don't make them often, but when I do this is the way I do it. I make them more in the summer as I love them w/fresh sliced tomatoes. But your post made my mouth water for some, so I think that's coming up soon on my menu. Also, folding shredded cheese into them is yummy.

My Brother and SIL have a Sous Vide and I've sampled several meats from it. Excellent.

Lori---Are you struggling with the woe these days? Just curious how and why if so. Sure been there, pal.

K-mom---Haha, I googled bit coin investment, just because it interested me and now bitcoin hooks show up whoever I go on the net. No problem, although not as pretty as the clothing cookie chasers. What I did read was just too complex for me, and not that we have much fun money to invest right now anyway.

Friday water: 3/3


Had a pretty productive day. Cut our cable bill down over a hundred dollars. Did some phone networking,---another possible project or two coming in. Began researching lower home insurance options, caught up to e-mails to friends I've been remiss in responding to, and paid all our bills.

OMG gals, big life changes take a lot of work. Wish I had K-mom next to me to make the perfect chart. So many calls to make, details to attend to. Keep crossing things off my list, but it just keeps growing out the bottom at twice the rate I can cross off the top.

On plan. Nic you're right about frozen pizzas, not much to scrape. But we get one that's extra cheese and sausage that's not to bad. Do confess to eating the thin crust on on piece. But I'm OK w/that as it was pretty much all I ate yesterday and still kept my carbs around 25.

Today I had a shake, and some granola w/a splash of milk and berries. Chicken Tortilla soup for dinner. The granola really bites into my hunger, so this should be plenty.

Oh, and one more thing, I'm a great aunt for the second time. My nephew and wife have a beautiful new daughter---Lilliana. So happy for them, wish they lived closer, as I really adore this nephew, and his wife is great too.
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