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Originally Posted by Jaz66
Leeann- I have 4 pound bag in my freezer of drumletts. I could make them tomorrow. Do you think the baking powder made them crispy? Mine are just a plain bag from Krogers. Were your frozen or thawed?
I will need to pull them out today then.

Yes, the baking powder makes them crispy! You would thnk they were breaded. Very good. I bought the frozen ones (probably just like what you have) so thaw them, then pat them dry before proceeding.

No I had not thought about the airbnb type option. Can you give me a link or more info in my email?

Sure, simply go to airbnb . com and search the areas you are interested in. If you are going to rent a room at a hotel then you may as well get a little more space for less money, plus a homelike environment with a yard would probably be better for Bella than a hotel would be. Check out VRBO or Homeaway as well- same site. I use both airbnb and vrbo. In fact, DD and I will likely use airbnb for our trip to the Philadelphia area in February. Same price to rent a two bedroom place with full kitchen and places to relax than to get a single hotel room to share!
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