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Default cream cheese chicken soup

Here is my variation of the recipe. This is for two servings.
I use a can of chicken broth.
one boneless, skinless chicken breast (from a bag) or some cooked shrimp (shelled with tail on)
4 tablespoons of cream
4 tablespoons of cream cheese
some dry italian salad dressing (I use Good Seasons zesty italian)- to taste
i also put in a little onion (very small amount) a little daikon and some mushrooms to make the soup more filling and potato like but these are optional.
Cook the chicken all the way through (i put it in the micro and cook it until its white- normally wouldn't eat it that way but its okay for soup). Heat the chicken broth, chicken, any veggies and dry italian dressing until hot. Add cream cheese. After melted completely add cream. Let cook until it reaches the desired thickness. I usually eat one serving and take the other for lunch. Sometimes overnight it gets too thick. If so i add a tbs of water or so to thin it back out. For those of you that have had the potato soup at bread company it tastes like that, especially with the daikon in it.
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