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Default ALCF survey is complete

From Dr. Richard Feinman :
To the members of the forum,
The study of the forum survey has just been published in Nutrition Journal and is available without subscription at I and my co-authors are most grateful to the members of the forum, and especially to Wa’il and the other moderators for their participation and for those whose posts were helpful in the final editing as well as your patience with the long process of writing and publishing a scientific paper. With the exception of the CCARBS study, this may be the first scientific exposition of what people on low carb diets actually do. I am writing through Wa’il because I prefer to wear two hats – I have been a member of the forum for several years but prefer to keep my activity as a member separate from my professional work although you can send suggestions or comments to my email: the journal of which I am an editor, while not specifically a low carbohydrate journal has several papers on the subject. Our journal is also open access – no subscription required. You can check for recent papers at :, or you can become a member (no charge) at the site and you will receive notices of new papers. Again, thanks to everybody and I will transmit any news I receive on the publication.
Richard Feinman
Professor of Biochemistry
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