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Originally Posted by theBear
It is rather childlike to concentrate on how often or when one poos. Perhaps it is due to your mum being anal-oriented during your early years, as a result you have too much of your attention focused on body functions which should follow their own natural schedule.

Well that was completely uncalled for. 47 years on a diet or not does not give you the right to attempt psycho analysis of our familes and consider us childlike for having a worry that you may not have. For some people, no matter their fat intake, constipation is a real problem. And I mean this not as missing one day, but instead a week or so. It happens.

I've read your posts and I've been intrigued, informed, offended, appalled, awed and so on. However it occurs to me that you've gone beyond blunt, past brutal and into full fledged arrogance.

While I agree with your statements on heath and find your lifestyle over the past 47 years intriguing, I've grown weary of your holier than thou attitude in your posts. So, like many others on this thread, I too am done.
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