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If I may jump in and add some anecdotal support to Bear's claims...

(Please ignore any typos... brain fog is back... see below)

I've been eating the same as Bear for a week now. During the entire time I've felt amazing. My "brain fog" has cleared, I don't need naps in the afternoon... heck I even started taking my pups for rediculously long walks that I could just never handle before (a win-win situation... you know the old saying "a tired dog is a well behaved dog"? Well have you ever tried tiring out a lab/greyhound mix? Near impossible This finally worked.) My cravings are zero and I'm never hungry. Where I was taking in ridiculous amounts of calories before, I don't think I've passed 1600 in the past two days.

I'm not counting calories on this diet, but I did add things up in fit day just to give me a rough idea of how my eating habits changed.

I still have a box of entenmann's chocolate donuts sitting here... they haven't posed the slightest interest to me. And even last night when I was in my car and starving because I hadn't eaten in 12 hours, I considered driving to the chinese buffet and restarting the diet today.. when I then realized I wasn't craving chinese, I was just hungry and falling back on my old habits. I started running over the foods available at the buffet in my head and became nauseous at the thought of all the sugar. I drove home and had a steak and felt great.

But due to my fear of not having BMs as frequently as I did when I was eating carbs, last night after my juicy steak I forced down 2 cups of romaine lettuce. Where I used to love lettuce smothered in dressing (and now suspect that my "love of veggies" wasn't actually the veggies themselves, but instead a love of the dressings I put on them), I felt horrible. When I woke up this morning I was still exhausted, my brain fog was back and my face was so puffy I looked...well, swollen.

IMO, I should never have forced down the salad in the first place. I was not "consitpated" in the sense of being uncomfortable, I just didn't feel the need to go. And, I believe it was just as others have said here that a change in your diet like this leads to temporary irregularity. But after shoving that salad down last night and seeing the after effects this morning, I'd much rather deal with temporary irregularity than a swollen face, exhaustion and brain fog.

As for the sea salt vs. table salt argument, if you google the following:
+"sea salt" +better
you'll come up with a ton of articles explaining that sea salt and table salt are almost identical because they are both refined, that sea salt does indeed contain trace amounts of minerals, but the amounts are so tiny you would have to ingest copious amounts to receive any benefit... and as one article said "is just not worth the extra money".

Just my two cents. I'll go back to my coffee now
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