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I took some shortcuts last night. I used 4 eggs, about 2/3 cup of PDX and liquid splenda. I also used bottled lemon juice (not nearly as potent) and I had some frozen zest in the freezer.

So I mixed everything except the lemon peel and put into a microwaveable bowl and used the microwave in short bursts. I also have a temperature probe in the microwave which I used.

It actually worked pretty well even though it started to curdle, I did catch it before it got too far. The problem with the microwave is that it heats it up too fast. Probably using it on 50% would be better.

This lemon curd came out with a very mellow flavor, not the really super tangy stuff with the real lemon made. But still, it is very tasty!

I'm running out of eggs!
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