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Originally Posted by Nancy LC
I remember in a chocolate/mocha custard I made for a trifle that they had you add the chocolate in last and let the heat from the custard melt it. Is that necessary? Or should I do it and cook it with the egg? I know chocolate can get weird when it is cooked.

I assume there are a lot of ways to do it; I would do one of either:
a) chop the chocolate small and melt it in hot cream (if using) or other hot liquid that's part of the recipe just prior to finishing cooking;
b) melt it in the nuker til just scrape-able, then stir it in at the end of cooking/texturizing.

I'd avoid cooking it cuz I just don't see the need; besides, it COULD break and that would be a crime, eh? After all, it's the thickening/emulsifying power of the eggs that needs watching, not the chocolate...
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