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Greetings, Ms. Nancy.

FYI, here are my calculated guestimates for Polydextrose as I use them in MasterCook (thought this might help):

1 Tbsp =~ 10g total weight, 10g carbs, 8.5g fiber (calculated from the official 10kCals/10g/Tbsp of Litesse Polydextrose).

ps: the microwaveable custard method works, just be conservative on the timing between whiskings, especially if you have 1000W or thereabouts ... I've used it for my basic (used not/Sugar veg gums actually) and rich (used some eggs and butter) Lime Curd {eat your heart out!} -- I haven't made it in a couple of years though, so I guess I should reincarnate and re-test those recipes.
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