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Default Canadian Goose Stew

For those of you wondering what to do about all those pesky geese littering up your yard, here is a recipe. LOL Actually I don't even know what the rules are about shooting Canada geese here in the US. I just know I have a LOT in my back yard every day--year round. I thought they were migratory but they have made a home on my pond. Anyway, here is a recipe. If you can't find a Canadian goose, any ol' goose will do.

Canada Goose Stew


Soak breasts from four geese overnight in 1/3 C. salt
Sauté 1 large onion, stalk celery in 4 TBS butter for a few minutes.
Carve breasts into 2 in. pieces and sauté in the onion/butter mixture for 10 min. at medium to high heat.
While goose is sautéing, add 2 TBS Worcester Sauce and liberal amount of garlic powder. Also add small amount of hot sauce to taste.
Add 48 oz. can beef consommé (that's the secret) and simmer one hour. During this process, add salt to taste.
Add vegetables ( turnips, carrots, or whatever you like) and simmer at least 30 minutes.
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