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Default Boiled Tongue

Boiled Tongue- excellent for cold cuts

Wash tongue well. Simmer until tender in seasoned water to cover. (Bay leaf, salt, peppercorns and other seasonings to suit.) Figure it will take about one hour per pound. If the tongue is to be served hot, add quartered onions, carrots and/or cabbage wedges during the last half-hour or so of cooking. When the tongue is tender, lift it out of the broth with tongs and hold it under cold running water until you can handle it. Then peel off the tough skin. Trim off gristle and put the tongue back into the broth to reheat if you are serving it hot.

If you want it for cold cuts, allow the tongue to cool in the broth. This makes it juicier. Then drain well, wrap and chill completely. Slice then to serve.

Serve tongue--hot or cold--with a choice of condiments. A brown sauce made of the cooking broth with drippings is good. Raisin sauce is a classic for tongue. Cold tongue can be served with several kinds of mustard (or mix your own variations, using horseradish, capers, or chopped sour pickle). Horseradish, canberry relish, dill pickles -- all are good accompaniments for tongue, either hot or cold.

Variation: Tongue can be pressure cooked. Place it on a rack in the cooker. Add 2 cups water for a 3-pound tongue and seasonings. Cook 45 minutes at 15 pounds pressure.

This recipe is from one of my favorite cookbooks

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