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Here's a couple of variations on beef tartar that I've tried lately, both using raw fatty chuck roast julienned (sliced accross the grain in two directions for the most tender result). These are just delicious!

a) Minced green onions, coursely chopped cilantro, minced ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil, lemon juice

b) Minced green onions, coursely chopped cilantro, minced garlic (lots!), sea salt, olive oil, vinegar

In both the amount of vinegar or lemon juice is just to give it a small amount of "zing", not to chemically cook the protein as in a ceviche.

Another variation I'd like to try would be similar to one of my favorite sushi pieces, the "spicy tuna hand roll". I would use beef or pork instead of tuna and leave the rice out. It would have a mixture of finely chopped beef, sesame oil, chile sauce (Asian not Mexican), soy sauce, ginger with sesame seeds sprinkled on top, wrapped in a nori cone with some julienned cucumber and/or radish sprout and/or avocado and/or shredded daikon.

Sorry about no measures on the ingredients - I rarely measure when I'm cooking.

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