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I thiught I'd post my locally infamous stone stew

Garlic (to taste)
Meat (Ground beef seems to work best, otherwise whatever you have that's going to go off soon, chop small for preference)
Any veg to hand, no matter how old (as long as they're not rotten), I've even added old salad (eg lettuce and tomatos) and it's worked fine
Tinned tomatos
Salt and pepper
Paprika or chilli (or both) or other condiments (eg worcestershire sauce or mushroom gravy)
Meat stock
Any other spices (to taste)

Fry the meat in cocnut oil or butter until brown, add onions and garlic, salt and pepper.
Add vegetables (except green leaf veg such as spinach and cabbage) and tinned tomatos (if using plum tomatos, bash with a wooden spoon first). Add spices and condiments, and meat stock if required.
Cover and boil hard for 10 minutes or so.
Add leafy veg, add boiling water if necessary (so that contents of pot covered at least half way). Cover again and boil for another 5 mins.
Turn heat right down and leave to stew till everything tender, stir now and then. I usually leave on the hob for at least an hour.
Taste and add extra spices etc if necessary.


I'm still experimenting with this, so bear with me. I've been making it for about 20 years and had it down pat, but I've had to exclude my secret ingredient (Gia vegetable puree) cause it contained sugar and I would have originally added a handful of rice and served with bread and butter. It's great for using up old veg, and no dish is the same.

Oh, and the version of the stone soup story I was told as a child involved a man caught by a hungry giant ....
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