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Originally Posted by Jen B
I just bought some guar gum. I haven't tried it yet. It's made from the seeds of a tree in Africa or India (I forget which). This is the same stuff that is added to Thai Kitchens coconut milk that makes it so thick and creamy.
I was wondering about this guar gum. I know it is what makes the Thai Kitchens coconut milk so thick and creamy (love it that way). But, is this a natural substance? Here is the definition from:

A water-soluble paste made from the seeds of the guar plant and used as a thickener and stabilizer in foods and pharmaceuticals.

I wonder if the stuff in processed food (like the coconut milk in the can), is all natural, or if it has undergone some odd chemical transformation. Would love to know, cuz I eat that coconut milk all the time now. I put lots of cinnamon in it, and it is great with sliced apples.

Jen, you mentioned using cinnamon in another post. What is the health advantages of using it? It tastes so good in this coconut milk that I have been using a boat load of it lately.
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