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Coconut Custard

I used light coconut milk, actually it was my failed yogurt experiment. It had the tang of yogurt, but not the thickness.

3 eggs
1 C coconut milk (Mine was lite)
Sweetener and flavorings to taste (I used vanilla, and I'll dump cinnamon on before serving)

Beat eggs in a separate bowl with a whisk or fork. Boil coconut milk. Gradually add coconut to eggs... S L O W L Y! You have to bring up the temperature of the eggs gradually otherwise they'll curdle. Stir eggs briskly while adding. Once all the coconut milk is added, pour mixture into pan coconut milk was in and heat until just short of boiling (med-low heat) whisking the entire time. Take off heat, keep whisking until it cools a little.
Pour into a bowl and refrigerate until cool.
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