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i<3taubes Mon, Jul-18-11 09:35

Greek Yogurt Fast???
Hi Everyone! Sorry, I'm new here, so go easy on me if this is a dumb question.

I've been gaining/not losing weight (especially on my butt) doing a strict Atkins induction style diet. I'm wondering if my calories are too high.

Has anyone tried a yogurt fast? If so, what were your results? Did you use full fat or non fat yogurt? I only want to lose about 15 more pounds, and I'm desperate to get it off quickly before the fall.

Non fat greek yogurt generally knocks me out of ketosis, but from what I hear, you don't have to be in ketosis to lose weight. I've actually been in keto and gained. I'm afraid to use full fat greek though on the fast if I'm out of ketosis, in case I was able to store the fat.

What has yalls experience been?

Thanks for your help! I appreciate it!

Elizellen Mon, Jul-18-11 12:18

Have you listed a few days worth of recent menus including amounts to see if anyone can spot any potential pitfalls yet?

Often people make basic incorrect food choices which can easily be corrected to get them restarted.

Kisal Mon, Jul-18-11 14:16

You list a combination of a plan called Harcombe along with Atkins. I'm not familiar with the Harcombe plan. Has it in any way altered your choices of foods for Atkins Induction? As Elizellen has posted, a listing of the foods you have eaten recently, including the amount of each food, would answer my question, along with questions other members might have. :)

i<3taubes Mon, Jul-18-11 18:53

Thank you all so much for helping. :)

Harcombe is a British low carb advocate and writer. The difference in her plan is that it combats three different issues in addition to metabolic syndrome. Those issues are hypoglycemia, food intolerance, and candida. Her plan excludes dairy for the first week (except natural live yogurt). And focuses on only meat, healthy fat (no trans fats), and low carb veggies. I have candida and food intolerances, so I have alot of water retention. But following her plan has helped with alot of that.

Typical menu:

Breakfast: Coffee (I'm not a breakfast eater. But I can be one if that is what's sabotaging me.)
Snack: 2 or 3 cups of unsweetened plain greek yogurt- spread throughout the day.
Lunch: Roast Beef- 8 oz or so. 2 or 3 oz of cheese. (I don't believe I'm intolerant to dairy- just gluten, wheat, and nuts.)
Dinner- Beef Sausage and a hamburger patty with lettuce and mayo. Another oz or two of cheese.
Snack: More cheese

The cheese could definitely be a problem. I didn't realize how much I was eating of it until I wrote it down. Maybe I should just cut out all dairy. Tell me what you think!!

freckles Mon, Jul-18-11 20:50

I have not heard of a yogurt fast. I personally think you are eating too much dairy and not enough veggies.

Kisal Tue, Jul-19-11 00:34

If you want to start low carb by doing a strict Atkins Induction, then I recommend that you limit yourself to foods on Dr. Atkins' list. Yogurt, Greek or otherwise, is not on the list, at least not in the books I own. You can find the list at this link:

Dr. Atkins limited dairy products other than cheese to a very small amount, no more than 3 ounces a day at the maximum. He also wrote in his 2002 edition (page 129) that dairy products can slow down weight loss in some people and may need to be avoided entirely during the first 2 weeks, which would be the Induction period.

If you're allergic or sensitive to one or more of the foods on the list, I don't think you should try to substitute some other food, except for another food on the list. Other than that, just don't eat whatever food it is that bothers you. It won't work if you substitute a food that is not on the list.

I'm not saying you must do a strict Atkins Induction in order to lose weight, only that the words "strict Atkins Induction" have a specific meaning. If you vary from the list, you might still lose weight quite well, or you might not. But you would not be doing a strict Atkins Induction. Just my opinion. :)

Elizellen Tue, Jul-19-11 04:05

Why not try to eat an Atkins induction menu for a week or so and see what happens?

So up to 20 net carbs with most of those from your vegetables (DANDR) or more veggies (12-15 net carbs worth if you are using NANY) and only foods from the induction list and to induction limits (3-4 ounces of cheese)

i<3taubes Tue, Jul-19-11 10:46

Thank you everyone for your help :)

I think I have been giving myself too many exceptions. I just checked out DANDR from the library.

All those little cheats just add up. I'm sure you know how it is. I'll stick to strict Induction foods for the next two weeks and see what happens.

Elizellen Tue, Jul-19-11 11:44

Good for you! :thup:

Keep us posted on your progress.

Tiggerlady Tue, Jul-19-11 21:19

Originally Posted by i<3taubes
Thank you everyone for your help :)

I think I have been giving myself too many exceptions. I just checked out DANDR from the library.

All those little cheats just add up. I'm sure you know how it is. I'll stick to strict Induction foods for the next two weeks and see what happens.

Sounds like you've had a lot of good advice.

I just wanted to throw out, the greek yogurt I have is 9 g of carb per cup.
So 3 cups per day would be 27 g of carb per day, or 7 g carb over Atkins induction.

Per the Atkins site, 1 oz cheese varies in carbs from 0 to 1 g/oz. The limit is 3-4 oz per day, while maintaining total carbs <20 g.

Jetta311 Wed, Jul-20-11 19:25

I tried the yogurt fast before this diet and I don't recommend it, I regained all the weight and then some as soon as I started eating again. I lost 6 lbs. in 2 weeks basically eating greek yogurt for breakfast and lunch.

Elizellen Thu, Jul-21-11 03:14

Yes, any sort of deprivation diet does usually work in the short term.

LAwoman75 Thu, Jul-21-11 04:41

2 to 3 cups of yogurt a day is a LOT of yogurt. I also noticed you are eating 8oz. of meat at lunch along with cheese. That's probably too much meat at one meal and still too much cheese throughout the day.

Elizellen Thu, Jul-21-11 05:50

So how has it been eating to induction carb levels and food choices for the last day or so for you?

cldade55 Thu, Jul-21-11 07:06

If you like Greek yogurt add it back when you get to OWL. If it agrees with you, it is a wonderful source of fat, protein and probiotics. The carbs vary enormously from brand to brand. I eat 6 ounces a day, full fat made from just whole milk and cream at 6 grams of carbs.

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