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Missfrance Thu, Mar-09-17 11:43

I'm a newbie
Hi all,

I'm looking forward to share this journey with you in hopes of giving and receiving support from each other.
I have had some blood tests done and it's time to get real with my health.
I had done the Atkins for over 2 years and had been able to keep my weight off for a good 6 years before a bad breakup triggered my previous bad habits of overeating....I ate my anger towards the person and gained 20 lbs. Then I exercised a ton, but you can't exercise and hope to lose any weight if you keep eating too much.
The next 20 lbs I gained by working 2 jobs and eating for Reward and as a coping tool.
I'm looking forward to get back to health!

Kathy5853 Thu, Mar-09-17 12:31

Welcome MissFrance (are you wearing your crown?)

I am at the end of week 5 and doing low carb eating. I joined the forum yesterday to share experiences, learn more about low carb eating and hopefully help in holding myself accountable. I tend to give myself too much slack when stressed or out of control. I am in a pretty good groove now but will need the support when life's stressor's intervene.

Good luck on your journey.


bkloots Thu, Mar-09-17 15:27

You've both come to a good place. Learning how to make low carb a lifestyle--a healthy, sustainable, and pleasurable lifestyle--is what we're all about. Have patience. It takes a while.

Best wishes.

Missfrance Sun, Mar-19-17 06:51

Hi Kathy,

Nice to meet you! I too give in when it comes to stress although I haven't given in into sweets yet! I guess it's a work in progress. I also have to be consistent with exercise as I love the outdoors but hate the gym😝
I guess my biggest struggle is food preparation, I'm just not a creative person in the kitchen and it becomes boring. Any suggestions?

bkloots Sun, Mar-19-17 12:36

I'm just not a creative person in the kitchen and it becomes boring. Any suggestions?
Suggestion first: View the Recipes and other menu-related threads and forums here. Lots and lots of experienced people and great ideas.

I'm not "creative" in the kitchen either. My mantra is Easy. Easy to make. Easy to clean up. That doesn't mean "boring" at all. A few basic ingredients can be combined in endless ways. You figure out what you like, buy the basics to keep on hand, and simply put it together. Seasonings are one way to create variety.

Sometimes I just put in a browser the stuff in my fridge. Eg. frozen broccoli, eggs, cream cheese. Add the word "recipe" and enter. You'd be amazed what wonderful (and easy) recipes come up.

Missfrance Sun, Mar-19-17 13:47

Oh great idea ! Thank you I will do that!

teaser Sun, Mar-19-17 14:59

Hi! Good advice on making on plan food more interesting. There's really nothing wrong with food being rewarding. I think we have a need for the nutrients in our food, but also for the food to be interesting. Food that's both satiating and rewarding.

Kathy5853 Mon, Mar-20-17 09:50

MissFrance (sorry did not see your name),

I am so glad others chimed in on the food recommendations. I do not enjoy cooking, never have and probably never will. I must admit a deep and dark secret, my Mom cooks all of my food for me (I pay for it!) on Sunday afternoon and I take it home and eat it for the week. She loves when I bring her new recipes. This weekend she made me a taco casserole. It is so good. She also made green beans, cauliflower, chicken thighs and boiled eggs/bacon for breakfast. I take both breakfast and lunch to work and eat dinner at home. So I will be looking at the info others provided for more recipes Mom can fix!

Little background, I am the youngest of 6 and have always been the "baby", even at 54 years old. Hard to change a lifetime of habits.

Here's to having a great week!


Missfrance Tue, Mar-21-17 10:16

Hey Kathy, my name is Leslie....
Omg I would kill to have someone cook for me. It's just so expensive if I try to eat organic and fresh. The delivery companies charge about $200 to $400 a week! :o
Meanwhile I did a zucchini casserole yesterday and it turned out ok :)
I need to make more allowed desert too!

Baylor1 Tue, Mar-21-17 15:34

Welcome miss France!!

I don't eat organic, except in the summer when I grow my own veggies. Everything is is clean and whole foods but it does not cost me a lot. I buy veggies at the local produce market, I buy milk, cheese, eggs at either Sam's or Aldi's, I buy huge packs of meat and portion it out for meals. That way I have something each day to pull out.

You can do this again! This is not my first time either but I plan on it being my last. I started back after the worst year of my life I just finished my first 60 days and I have lost 25 lbs and my bp went from 170/90 to 97/67 yesterday!! No more meds for me!!!

I do Atkins. Some people do other low carb plans but I like Atkins the best.

Missfrance Wed, Mar-22-17 07:45

Hi there, not sure what your name is but congratulations on your 25 lbs loss and way to go on your vitals!!!!
I had a rough day at work yesterday ( I am burnt out from 10 years of ICU nursing) and totally ate cheese Danish and a cookie at night along with sandwich. Lesson learned. Sweets do not solve issues. My tummy hates wheat. So I'm back on track and thanks for motivating me

Froka Thu, Mar-23-17 06:30

Hey there Leslie, welcome! :wave:

You've come to an amazing, supportive place. I highly recommend starting a journal in the Journal/Bootcamp thread to log your journey. For me, I find that it it's a powerful tool to keep me on track, since I get to log about my thoughts, feelings, struggles, successes, and food.

You've got a great attitude. Keep it up, and welcome again :)

bkloots Thu, Mar-23-17 07:22

Hi, Leslie. I totally endorse the idea of starting a Journal here. You'll get lots of support as you journey on.
( I am burnt out from 10 years of ICU nursing)
It's possible you are hurting yourself by keeping on with this--not to mention the possible redirection of your stress to patient care. Surely there are other opportunities for experienced nurses in other areas? If it's a matter of money--how much money is your mental and physical health worth??

Sweets do not solve issues.
Write this in big letters on a card and post it in your kitchen, break room, or wherever. I know that daily sweets like donuts, cookies, pastries, etc. are inevitable in work places. Makes it very tough to pass them up. Maybe one of the hardest hurdles of establishing your LC lifestyle.

And by the way, don't bother with "allowed dessert" for now. Break that sweet habit completely!

We're on your side. Keep trying.

teaser Thu, Mar-23-17 10:18

Rewarding food doesn't have to be sweet. A bit of garlic with chicken or porkchop, don't be afraid of the spicerack.

You might have to experiment on the sweet thing--some people do find it easier to avoid sweet entirely. It might be better to not have cravings in the first place, if you can manage it--but as a second line of defense, if you can satisfy the desire for something sweet with some sugar-free jello and a little heavy cream, or some heavy cream with a packet of splenda and a little cocoa powder, that's not a bad place to be either--and if that's you, it might be better to plan for it.

Missfrance Fri, Mar-24-17 08:31

Induction recipes on YouTube
Hi all, if you like me are truly not a cook and not so good with recipes, there are a good number of them on youtube. I'm excited because they look tasty and EASY to make.
Happy Friday

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