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CarolynC Sun, Feb-19-17 17:33

Green Giant Mashed Cauliflower and Other New Veggie Products
I had the new Green Giant Original with Olive Oil & Sea Salt Mashed Cauliflower for dinner and it was quite good, especially with added butter. Not as good as what I would make myself with cream (as opposed to milk) but easier and great for a quick meal. For a one-half cup serving, it as 80 calories, 7 g carbs and 2 g fiber for 5 net carbs.

According to the Green Giant website, there are also cheddar/bacon and garlic/herb flavors, but I didn't see these at my local supermarket. Plus, Green Giant has a variety of new riced vegetables and roasted vegetables. There's a $1 off coupon at there website.

JEY100 Mon, Feb-20-17 06:17

The fresh riced one is called caulifower crumbles.
Our Walmart grocery has it, and Hanover mashed vegetables.
Birdseye supposedly also has similar products in some markets.
Amazing the variety in mainstream markets now! The Trader Joe's riced broccoli is good for variety.

Robin120 Mon, Feb-20-17 09:30

Thanks, Carolyn. I have been eyeing the mashed cauli to have in the freezer for when life is crazy or it snows or what have you....

I have had the green giant frozen riced cauli and loved it, but I normally buy the Hanover one if the store has both in stock (they fly off the shelf!. They taste the same but Hanover makes a perfect meal just for myself and my husband. The green giant bag is twice as large and better for a family IMO.

I am making a bag tonight, in fact (shrimp "fried rice"). :lol:

CarolynC Mon, Feb-20-17 17:49

The Green Giant riced cauliflower mixes that I was referring to aren't called "Crumbles" but "Riced Veggies." Just going by the online pictures, they look finer and more rice-like than the Crumbles. There are 4 flavors. See:

I haven't seen them at my local store yet.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page that I linked, there's a $1 off coupon for the new products.

JEY100 Tue, Feb-21-17 02:59

Thanks, That is a good selection of frozen riced vegetables...I haven't seen them either, and not all stores have the fresh Green Giant line.

CarolynC Tue, Feb-21-17 11:36

You're welcome!

I just saw the Green Giant riced veggies at my local Publix. They had the cauliflower/broccoli (which I purchased) and the cauliflower/vegetable medley. There were also the new vegetable tots, which I didn't purchase. No sign of the roasted vegetables yet. There was a small display with a $1 off coupon on new Green Giant products.

There was also Bird's Eye riced cauliflower (one flavor only), which I'd never noticed before. I got that. too. Without a coupon, it's the same price as the Green Giant riced cauliflower mixes but the Bird's Eye has 2 oz. more in the package.

I've never seen Hanover vegetables around here.

CarolynC Fri, Mar-03-17 06:07

I tried the Green Giant bacon/cheddar mashed cauliflower. I like it but prefer their olive oil/sea salt mashed cauliflower. The bacon/cheddar didn't add much flavor (most flavor came from the butter that I added) and it wasn't as thick as the olive oil/sea salt variety. The bacon/cheddar instructions had a longer microwave and sitting time, but it still didn't thicken as much as the olive oil/sea salt.

Bonnie OFS Fri, Mar-17-17 11:13

Originally Posted by CarolynC
According to the Green Giant website, there are also cheddar/bacon and garlic/herb flavors, b

I think this was the variety someone brought to a pot luck. I didn't care for it. My now-favorite way to cook cauliflower is sautéed in garlic butter. Yummy & quick. :yum:

Meme#1 Fri, Mar-17-17 14:46

Great thread and I'm going to look for some now.
I see fried rice in my future!

ferrygirl Fri, Mar-17-17 16:11

This is so cool!

~Jealous in Japan

Robin120 Sat, Mar-18-17 10:20

Originally Posted by Meme#1
Great thread and I'm going to look for some now.
I see fried rice in my future!

Since my store starting carrying this, we have been doing fried rice a couple times a month :lol:
I had made it by hand in past, but it was such a pain, it was a once in a blue moon treat.

Meme#1 Sat, Mar-18-17 12:59

Hi Robin~ Yes, 1/2 of the work is always in the prep so this mix must be a real time saver. :thup:

Kristine Sat, Mar-18-17 14:33

I just sent a message to Green Giant Canada requesting that they bring these products to Canada. It'll probably never happen, but it's worth a try, I guess.

I wash dishes by hand so the one time I made riced cauliflower years ago (even when I DID have a dishwasher) was pretty much the first and last time. I wasn't impressed enough for the effort, but if I could buy it, I would. :thup:

CarolynC Sun, Mar-19-17 07:44

I haven't tried the Green Giant riced cauliflower/broccoli that I purchased yet. But, I have tried the Bird's Eye riced cauliflower. It's very good. I had it as a side dish with roast beef and it was almost like regular rice. It has a nice rice consistency and the cauliflower flavor is mild.

I made riced cauliflower myself only once, about 10 years ago. I didn't accomplish a good rice shape and it wasn't worth the clean-up effort, so I never did it again.

I found Hanover mashed cauliflower at Walmart. I like it, too. The package has half the amount of the Green Giant mashed cauliflower (2 servings vs. 4 servings) and was about 40% of the price. I live alone, so the smaller size is better for me.

LadyBelle Sat, Apr-22-17 17:43

I tried the mashed one Cheddar Bacon. It was amazing. I've also been using their plain cauliflower rice. Make sure to read nutritional info and ingredients because some types are higher than others, but I am a repeat buyer

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