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tamarian Mon, Oct-02-06 05:45

ALCF survey is complete
From Dr. Richard Feinman :
To the members of the forum,
The study of the forum survey has just been published in Nutrition Journal and is available without subscription at I and my co-authors are most grateful to the members of the forum, and especially to Wa’il and the other moderators for their participation and for those whose posts were helpful in the final editing as well as your patience with the long process of writing and publishing a scientific paper. With the exception of the CCARBS study, this may be the first scientific exposition of what people on low carb diets actually do. I am writing through Wa’il because I prefer to wear two hats – I have been a member of the forum for several years but prefer to keep my activity as a member separate from my professional work although you can send suggestions or comments to my email: the journal of which I am an editor, while not specifically a low carbohydrate journal has several papers on the subject. Our journal is also open access – no subscription required. You can check for recent papers at :, or you can become a member (no charge) at the site and you will receive notices of new papers. Again, thanks to everybody and I will transmit any news I receive on the publication.
Richard Feinman
Professor of Biochemistry

tom sawyer Mon, Oct-02-06 09:42

Congratulations Wa'il and Dr. Feinman. I hope many nutrition students read this article. I have less hope that it will sway the nutritionists already practicing thier crap. I mean craft.

JL53563 Mon, Oct-02-06 10:01

Originally Posted by tom sawyer
Congratulations Wa'il and Dr. Feinman. I hope many nutrition students read this article. I have less hope that it will sway the nutritionists already practicing thier crap. I mean craft.

I agree. Unfortunately, people rarely give up strongly held beliefs, even if proven wrong.

Lessara Mon, Oct-02-06 10:24

Thank you so much for sharing this, its an interesting read!

Rachel1 Mon, Oct-02-06 21:02

I've printed up the article and read it twice. Nice work! Thanks to Wa'il, the authors, and all who participated! If nothing else, this article will be ammunition for those whe need to convince their family doctors to support an LC lifestyle. I'm really impressed!


Judynyc Mon, Oct-09-06 13:59

Low carb dieters eat more veggies
Low-Carb Dieters Eat More Vegetables
Main Category: Nutrition / Diet News
Article Date: 09 Oct 2006 - 0:00am (PDT)

Are people on a low-carb diet replacing starches and sugars with unhealthy high-fat foods? A new survey suggests they may do something radically different.

A recent study of an internet-based support group (Active Low-Carber's Forum: suggests that the major change in eating patterns for dieters on low-carbohydrate diets has been the addition of large amounts of vegetables and salads to replace carbohydrates removed from their diet. The report was published today in the open access journal Nutrition Journal (no subscription required:

Richard Feinman, PhD, principal author and a professor of biochemistry at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, notes that 54% of forum dieters increased salad greens and 34% increased green vegetables by “at least double their usual consumption” in response to removing starches and sugars from their diets.

Few of the 3,000 respondents reported that they had drastically increased consumption of such high-fat foods as beef, bacon, or butter, popularly portrayed as features of low-carbohydrate diets. This was especially true of the half of the respondents who had lost 30 lbs or more and kept the weight off for more than one year. A doubling of consumption of chicken, however, a lower-fat food, was reported by 34% of the dieters.

Other surprising results from the survey were attitudes of family practitioners. Half of the respondents reported consulting a health professional prior to or during dieting. Of these, 55% stated that their health professional was supportive, and another 30% found the physician had no opinion but was supportive after good results were reported.

“The real import of the work,” says Dr. Feinman, “is that physicians can prescribe a diet for people who want to do low carb that involves replacing starch and sugar with green vegetables and salads, a diet that few could object to on conventional health- or nutrition-related grounds.”

Dr. Feinman observed that people on the low-carb forum followed diets that had no portion control beyond their own natural responses to carbohydrate restriction, but he noted, “Those physicians who want to prescribe a fixed diet could use the actual behavior of this group as a model.”

“Most people were happy with the diet and a section of narrative comments produced consistent responses of ‘have more energy,'” Dr. Feinman added.

The Active Low-Carber's Forum currently has more than 89, 000 members and their site asserts, “1,229,589 lbs lost by 59,754 members.”

SUNY Downstate Medical Center
450 Clarkson Ave., Box 2
Brooklyn, NY 11203
United States

Its good to know that the study is being read and reported on. :thup:

bkloots Mon, Nov-06-06 07:32

I'm forwarding a printed copy to my physician. He's been completely supportive of my successful weight management, but this will be helpful background from a research perspective.

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