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Nellie Sun, Dec-30-01 20:08

Chicken cream cheese soup
I am the only one on a diet in my house, so this is for one serving.

3/4 cup cooked chicken or turkey chopped or shreadded
1 cup chicken broth
1 stalk celery, chopped
1/2 small tomato, chopped
2 tablespoons heavy cream
2 tablespoons cream cheese
sprinkle of salt and italian seasoning.
........................................................................ ............

Simmer chicken, celery, salt , italian seasoning, and tomato in broth untill celery is tender, then add the cream cheese and stir 'till combined. then add heavy cream and bring to a simmer.
I counted about 8 carbs, 9 if you add a bit of onion. It was so filling! I hope you like it! For those in the states, it rivals the cream cheese soup at St. Louis Bread Co.! :yum:

hymntonink Sun, May-05-02 20:43

Nellie. Props to you. I just made your recipe and it was DELICIOUS. I've been very sick and all I've had really is plain chicken broth. But THAT was probably the best soup I've had. =) Or darn close!


Parisfox Fri, Oct-11-02 11:07


Sounds wonderful. I'll be making this soon as the weather is getting cooler and soon will be cold!!

Thanks for sharing.


Parisfox Thu, Nov-07-02 13:41

I made the soup and it was great !! Thanks for sharing.

Paris :D

Marda Thu, Dec-05-02 21:43

Nellie - I boiled my turkey bones and was looking for a way to use the stock. I'm going to try this. It sounds delicious. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for posting

Kristine Sat, Jan-04-03 12:35

This is absolutely delicious!! I love it! I made it from scratch using two small chicken leg quarters (cheap!), and boiled them down. I think I ended up with a tad too much chicken and not quite enough broth, but it was fantastic! It was like eating a creamy cassarole. I can't wait to make it again! It's cheap and easy!

lisam33 Sun, Mar-02-03 09:44

cream cheese chicken soup
Here is my variation of the recipe. This is for two servings.
I use a can of chicken broth.
one boneless, skinless chicken breast (from a bag) or some cooked shrimp (shelled with tail on)
4 tablespoons of cream
4 tablespoons of cream cheese
some dry italian salad dressing (I use Good Seasons zesty italian)- to taste
i also put in a little onion (very small amount) a little daikon and some mushrooms to make the soup more filling and potato like but these are optional.
Cook the chicken all the way through (i put it in the micro and cook it until its white- normally wouldn't eat it that way but its okay for soup). Heat the chicken broth, chicken, any veggies and dry italian dressing until hot. Add cream cheese. After melted completely add cream. Let cook until it reaches the desired thickness. I usually eat one serving and take the other for lunch. Sometimes overnight it gets too thick. If so i add a tbs of water or so to thin it back out. For those of you that have had the potato soup at bread company it tastes like that, especially with the daikon in it.

acipenser Thu, Apr-03-03 08:12

i made this last night for the first time. i didn't have any tomatoes, but it came out tasting great anyway. i did everything in the microwave and added shrimp. the celery wasn't soft, but i kinda liked it crunchy anyway.

thanks for sharing, this will definately become part of my menue!!!

ladyfunk25 Mon, Apr-07-03 09:41

I tried this and it was some of the best chicken soup I ever had! It was soooo good and felt really indulgent too. yummy!

SunnySlim Tue, Apr-15-03 17:18

Chicken Cream Cheese Soup
Just made this this afternoon. It's delicious! Made a large pot so I can have it for lunch for several days. Thanks for posting it.


FabMarta Thu, Apr-24-03 08:29

I'm trying this for dinner tonight!
I even have all of this stuff in my refrigerator!
I can't wait- I'll let you know how the hubby likes it, too!

sinistress Wed, Dec-28-05 16:57

I just made this soup and it is so good! Thanks for the recipe.....It's great for a change of pace.

aimmij Sat, Feb-26-11 09:03

Great as a gravy!
I made this soup into a gravy by adding some gums to make it thick! It was delicious served over faux (cauliflower) rice!

freckles Sun, Feb-27-11 16:01

This is really good soup and quick to prepare!

Oh! I also count about 5 carbs. And it would be better with more celery.

gweny70 Wed, Jan-04-12 10:30

I've been looking for a yummy LC Soup recipe. Think I will definitely be trying this one!!

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