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Malishka31 Mon, Jul-11-05 22:26

If using SF syrup, what quantity do i use?????????

Looks scruptious.
also is this induction safe?? i want to say yes ... but maybe not..

MissScruff Mon, Jul-11-05 22:40


Malishka31 Mon, Jul-11-05 23:42

really, why?........... confused

MissScruff Tue, Jul-12-05 00:33

The nut crust is a no-no cuz nuts aren't until you get into OWL! Plus, the carb count is high and will take away from the veggies you need to be eating right now! But, you do have something to look forward to!

BawdyWench Tue, Jul-12-05 02:13

Induction is all about retraining your body to be in fat-burning mode. You want to rid yourself of cravings and reliance on treats. Sugar-free jello with real whipped cream is a good standard dessert (if you really need one) during Induction.

According to the latest Atkins book, nuts are not allowed during Induction (only during OWL, as Scruffy said). The cream cheese is fine on Indction -- you can have 3 to 4 ounces of cheese a day, with each ounce counting as 1 carb.

Trust me. If you do clean Induction (no treats, very limited use of sweeteners), your body will quickly get accustomed to not "needing" treats.

But, it's your call. If you feel you really want the cheesecake as an occasional treat, make it without the nut crust, and make the portions extremely small. A taste is all you need. It freezes extremely well. Take advantage of that.

SylviaUK Tue, Jul-12-05 15:27

I've been looking for a new cheesecake recipe that works out cheaper than Karen's humdingous New York version :D Looks like this might fit the bill :thup: Thanks for posting it :D :agree:

Malishka31 Tue, Jul-12-05 16:18

^ i was originally thinking without the nuts... thats why i was confused. ... but, ill just make my jello and be happy.

magnamater Thu, Jul-21-05 12:48

Just wanted all the newcomers to the site to see this fab. recipe, as it was referred to in another post today.

BawdyWench Thu, Jul-21-05 16:48

I love being famous!

To answer the question of how much SF syrup to use instead of Splenda, I just use the same amount. Seems to work fine.

How about some variations out there? Let's see some creativity!

Sbear Thu, Aug-18-05 13:38

Oh this is an incredible recipe. Quick to prepare, incredible taste. (I added a splash of lemon SF DaVinci.) My boss was surprised to hear it was made with splenda.

I cooked mine in a 9" pie plate and it came out just beautiful!

Also somewhere here, I believe, I found a Coconut Cream Pie recipe. That one, and this one, are the two hands down that I'll have around for a long time.

klc145 Thu, Aug-18-05 13:53

I made this for a friends birthday who is also LCing. It came out wonderful! I added some cinnamon to the crust and the mixture and it was amazing! I think I will make it again soon.

BawdyWench Thu, Aug-18-05 16:06

I live to serve. (Cheesecake, that is!)

datahamstr Fri, Aug-19-05 13:10

To Sbear--pie?
OK, you tempted me, Is the coconut cream pie recipe on this site? If so, maybe let me know who posted it, so I can try it!

4beans4me Wed, Aug-31-05 14:42

How about some variations out there? Let's see some creativity!

OK Bawdy, I FINALLY got around to making this! I made an orange chocolate variation w/orange extract and crushed up SF dark chocolate, no crust. It's cooling at the moment, but the taste test of the batter was heavenly. I'll let you know the verdict as soon as I try it! :thup:

BawdyWench Wed, Aug-31-05 17:16

Becki, I'll be curious to see how it turns out. I've never made a crustless one, but was planning to make one maybe this weekend. Did you still use a spring-form pan? Did you grease it more heavily?

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