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acipenser Sat, Jan-08-05 20:38

i had forgotten i had made some of this a while ago. i cut it into serving size portions and froze them. well this is the second night in a row that i defosted and indulged in a piece. i top it with some no suger strawberry jam (homeade) is verry verry good!!

i am not sure about experimenting either, but i deffinately think i am going to try to add something to the crust to get some more flavor to it.

Brenjmull Mon, Jan-10-05 04:38

Imade this yesterday,, I have not tried this yet,, but I was wondering how you all let this cool. Do youleave in the oven with the oven off for a while so it does not fall or just take it right out and let cool on the counter? I left it in for a while as I was afraid of it falling. I hope it is stilll good. I will try apiece after I work out.. It is a very easy recipe, so I hope its delicous.

BawdyWench Mon, Jan-10-05 17:05

I usually leave it in the oven with the the heat off and the door open for a while, and then on the counter. When it's about room temperature, I pop it in the fridge.

Let us know how you like it!

Brenjmull Tue, Jan-11-05 05:39

that is pretty much what I did, I love it . I took apiece with me to work and everyone was drooling over it,I put some fresh berries on it, yummy, i am going to make another one to cut up and freeze as I dont think this one will make it to the freezer. thanks for the recipe.

BawdyWench Tue, Jan-11-05 17:39

I agree. This is the best cheesecake recipe I've ever found, bar none. And so easy, too. I only make it on rare occasions, because otherwise, I'd be on the Cheesecake Diet morning, noon, and night!

Bigshot Mon, Jan-31-05 16:46

Thank you so much Bawdy, i will sure try it in the next couple of days and I already i do have both frozen strwberries and rasberries. I think strawberries will be better and of course the almond crust.....mmmmmmm that will be good.

teddymom1 Thu, Feb-03-05 07:01

Just wanted to say THANK YOU Bawdy for this great recipe! Made my own version last night and it's heaven!! I made my crust with ground almonds and a scant handful of coconut. I used Torani Almond Rocca flavor in the batter and took out 1 cup of the mix. To this I added some cocoa and Torani Chocolate syrup and poured this on top and swirled. Baked it up and I now have a 'slice of heaven' for my once-a-day treat - and thanks to your great recipe, I feel like I'm cheating, but I'm not!!
Thanks again - can't wait for 'treat' time!!

BawdyWench Thu, Feb-03-05 11:05

You're so welcome! Just be careful with it. This cheesecake is soooooo good, it's hard to stop at just one slice! I've even rationalized having it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks!

teddymom1 Thu, Feb-03-05 11:25

I understand totally! After sampling it last night before it was totally cool (using just a spoon!), I specifically left the entire cheesecake in my fridge - I'm going to summon up all my will power and have only 1 small slice tonight for my dessert/snack. Do you know if it freezes well? That may be the key to keeping it to 'one slice' per day!!

BawdyWench Thu, Feb-03-05 12:26

It freezes extremely well. You can cut it into individual pieces and freeze them separately.

Remember that the best way to cut cheesecake is with dental floss. Rip off a thread longer than the cake is wide, hold it at each end, and bring it down across the cheesecake. THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART, FOLKS. Do NOT bring it back up. Let go of one end and pull it through. You'll have perfect slices.

Oh, this is important, too. DO NOT USE MINT FLOSS! Unless you want your cheesecake to taste like mint!

BlitzedAng Thu, Feb-03-05 13:41

Did you make this with a springfoam pan or pie pan?



BawdyWench Thu, Feb-03-05 13:45

I somehow inherited 3 springform pans in various sizes, I use a springform pan. It's really worth investing in one. For one thing, you can "get under" the slices better so you have a better chance of getting a whole piece rather than a mish-mash.

BlitzedAng Thu, Feb-03-05 13:57

Thank you so much Bawdy, your such a sweetheart .. DH has been doing so well and not cheating so I decided to make this for him. Ohhh and thanks for the floss tip.


teddymom1 Thu, Feb-03-05 15:01

Thanks for the floss tip, Bawdy! I'll be going home and immediately cutting and freezing just as soon as I walk in the door! I think I hear it calling me already!!

Ptrcmcc6 Sun, Feb-27-05 12:45

Well.........I got mine in the oven right now as I type. I sprayed my springform pan with some Mazola cooking oil. Was I suppose to do that??


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