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Mon, Jul-29-02, 16:30
I am trying to find a low-carb soymilk that my entire family can drink. Atkins sells "Soy Moo," but it is not calcium enriched. I want to find something that has a good taste and is vitamin enriched (like Silk), but without the carbs. Any suggestions

Tue, Jul-30-02, 22:41
My personal favorite is Westsoy. It is plain, unsweetened. I don't remember if it is fortified in other ways or not. Here is the break down for one cup;

Amount Per 1 cup
Calories 90
Fat 4.5g - 7%
Sat 0g
Poly 2.5g
Mono 1g
Sodium 30mg - 1%
Potassium 300mg - 9%
Carbs 5.44g - 2%
Fiber 4g -16%
Protein 9g - 18%
Total effective carb count: 1.44

You can add vanilla and sweetener to it if you like, but I like it just the way it is. I Hope this helps.

Sun, Aug-11-02, 13:43
We just found Vitasoy Light Original. It has 7 carbs and 2% calcium. I've also been searching for low carb soy - so this is the closest I've gotten. :rolleyes:

Mon, Jun-09-03, 14:23
There is a new low-carb soymilk out there called Soy Slender. It's made with Splenda and is made by Westsoy. It comes in Vanilla, Chocolate, and Mocha flavors, and it is divine! It may be hard to find, but my local grocery store just started carrying it!

Good luck finding it.