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Mon, Jan-21-02, 12:20
I quickly read through CALP on the week-end and I've decided to switch from Atkins.

In the book it says that you can have unlimited salad during the reward meal but does that mean you can't have salad at your other meals? For example, today I had ham and cauliflower for lunch but would have like a salad to go with - is that ok?
Or should I just increase my portions?

I'm not hungry I was just wondering - I LIKE salads! :)

Mon, Jan-21-02, 20:08
Hey there, Mrs. Oz

You can ALWAYS have more salad!

Just no carrots in it. And if you use dressing, be sure you use one that DOES NOT have sugar (or any form thereof) as one of the first four ingredients.

Hope this helps!

Tue, Jan-22-02, 09:21
Yes, it does. I thought so but didn't want to screw it up by just plundering ahead and I couldn't seem to locate a direct answer in the book.

Thanks Stormy!

Tue, Jan-22-02, 15:07
:q: :q: I began cooking my reward meal.........and then I realized, I was tasting the food, as usual, as I was cooking it. I suppose I should not do that or I have to begin my 60 minutes from the time I begin even tasting it?

Help! :rolleyes:

Jo Ann in TEXAS :wave:

Tue, Jan-22-02, 17:30

I've heard some folks say that if you "taste" that starts your sixty minutes. I find that a bit difficult to accept. After all, how many carbs can you possibly be taking in just by one little nibble to taste for seasonings, etc? What are you tasting? The meat? No carbs there. The veggies? Not many carbs there, either. Now if your making a chocolate cake and lick the inside of the bowl clean ( :yum: ) -- that would probably have to kick your hour off!

While I realize that we all need to "stick to the rules," common sense should be our best guide.

Happy LC'ing!

Tue, Jan-22-02, 17:46
LOL I suppose I will get the hang of that 60min. thing. At least, I hope I will! I did get the CALP book today..........so I will see what the Heller's have to say about that.

Does anyone know why Oprah didn't stick with the CAD/CALP plan? I know she had them on her show, and I was wondering if anyone heard why she didn't lose weight with this program?

Thanks for your help, guys!
Jo Ann in TEXAS :wave:

Tue, Jan-22-02, 17:57
has do to do with the release of insulin when you start to eat and is explained in CALP pges 115-117.


Tue, Jan-22-02, 18:16
I will read that this evening on the insulin on the pages you instructed me. Thanks!
Jesdorka ..........I noticed you have really lost a lot of pounds! CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!! You have on your stats CALP/Atkins
Are you following both? How did you lose the bulk of your weight? Were you afraid to try the CALP , thinking the reward meal, might make you gain your weight back? :q:
I would love to know your pattern which got you to the point where you are now! Any suggestions you could give to me would greatly be appreciated! I need to lose at least 30 pounds, and I seem like I am going backwards. I have decided that if the CALP works for me, ike it does for some............it would be more ideal for me rather than the Atkins. I am not a huge meat nor a huge quanity eater. I feel like you almost need to be both of those in order for Atkins to work for you? What do you think? Tell me what you can about how the CALP how been successful for you? :q: Do you recommend it? :q:
Thank you in Advance,
Jo Ann Atkins in TEXAS :wave:

Tue, Jan-22-02, 20:44
jo ann i am not following both plans. i started CALP jan 2000 after seeing the drs. heller on the oprah show. the previous 3 yrs i had been on a low fat diet ordered by my doc, i lost 50 lbs but everyday was a struggle of cravings and feeling deprived.i decided to read CALP,took the test,found out i fit the very high carb addict profile. the plan worked great for me,meals were satisfying,cravings stopped and after 1 1/2 yrs came off bp meds and had lost a further 40 lbs. i can't say why but i started increasing the carbs at the reward meal(mostly nuts and choc syrup) and i started to gain then stalled out. last fall i decided to do atkins induction to get the carbs under control, i liked the plan and have stayed on it for the last 4 months the only problem is i've now gained 8.5 lbs and each week i keep thinking my body is just adjusting and the whoosh fairy will find her way north soon! well in order to stay off meds i must lose more and i've just read PP and am trying to decide on going on PP or back on CALP.
since you're not much on meat or big meals CALP will probably work better for you than atkins. my best suggestion is to read CALP (which you're doing) and when it comes to the reward meal follow it to a T and it will work. when in doubt reread the book or come to this forum. drink water, water and more water. all lc plans have + and -,we just have to find the one that can be our WOL. good luck to you.


Wed, Jan-23-02, 07:44
I really appreciate you responding to me. Yes, I did get the CALP book and plan to check out the program today. I am afraid of the REWARD meal, but hopefully, the book will give some examples of a reward meal?
I know the ATkins will work and get the fat off, but I swear, I just can't live like that forever. I am not a meat lover and I am having to absolutley force the meat down my throat! YUK!!! :rolleyes:
If the CALP doesn't work for me, then I am going to have to regroup all together! I know I need to exercise at least 30 mins a day, which I don't. But, if I ever plan to lose and keep it off, no matter what plan I follow, I know I need to exercise!
I wish you all the luck in the world on which program you decide to follow. I think one of the problems is..........we have too many too choose from. LOL LOL :D I am getting confused ! :confused: LOL LOL
Oh well, every one is so different and we must find our own program that will work for us. I would hate to switch from a low carb because I love this forum so much. This is the most active forum, I have ever been on. I love it! Does anyone know of any forum that is say low fat, low calorie that is as good as this forum???????????? Let me know if you do!
Jo Ann in TEXAS JoAnnAtkinson~juno.com

Wed, Jan-23-02, 10:12
Try treating it like an Atkins type of meal with a yummy dessert. I only take one or two tbspns of the starch (tator/pasta) and count my dessert as the balance. That way you get to eat a bit more of the lc stuff on your plate.

If you don't usually eat desserts you don't have to eat them. It's actually pretty rare in my house. This week my son made the blueberry pie and we are the only ones who eat blueberries, so I'm eating dessert this week. Next week I'll probably just have a couple of cookies with my after dinner coffee.

Just play with it. The way I see it, I took a long time to gain it so if it takes me a week or so to get the hang of it and tweak to suit my needs, so be it.

Wed, Jan-23-02, 10:36
Thank you very much for your response! I will "play with it". Hey, I not losing on the Atkins anymore, anyway............so what do I have to lose? LOL

I have the CALP now, and I plan to read up on the program. We shall see how it goes! :D

Jo Ann in TEXAS :wave:

Wed, Jan-23-02, 11:01
Hi Joann
The CALP is working wonderfully for me. I have lost an average of 7.34 lbs and 10 lbs from the highest weight of my first week. It is the reward meal that is keeping me on track. Just knowing that I can have whatever I want (in balance) has made such a difference for me.
Have salad without carrots and be careful as to the dressing you use at all meals if you want. I have tried so many different programs but they didn't work because I couldn't stay with them. This program is easily something I can live with.
I keep reading the book and learn a little more each time.
Good luck. You can do it.
Joyce :wave:

Wed, Jan-23-02, 12:31
Thanks so much for your encouragement. I would be so nice if the CALP would work for me. I am planning on my reward meal tonight. :-)) :D
I sure hope it will work!!!!!!!!! :rolleyes:
Jo Ann in TEXAS :wave:

Wed, Jan-23-02, 13:43
Enjoy the reward meal. One night I even had a small piece of chocolate with mine. You know I am finding that I don't really want the sugary things anymore. I always drank hot chocolate at work and haven't had one for two weeks. I am really surprised that I don't miss it.

I have also found everyone here so very encouraging and that helps, too. Wish you much success. Joyce

Thu, Jan-24-02, 06:25
I've been on CAD/CALP for 5 1/2 weeks and it is very important to read the book about the insulin and eating within the hour. yOu start to produce insulin the moment you start to taste food at your reward meal and can only produce insulin for that hour so whatever you eat balanced will be okay but if you take bite ahead or continue to eat past that time then you start another insulin round and this will make you put on weight not lose. I have lost 3 inches off my waist and 3 off my hips since 11/20/01.I started on Atkins and lost the first week but nothing much after so I went to the above. I really enjoy and have no hunger pangs anymore. I also take the suggested GTFchromium to help control insulin. If you would like , you can check out my journal t-z.The desserts I mention are small and balanced with the rest of the meal. Have a great day. Wawtigress