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Tue, May-04-04, 12:07
Before starting to whine and complain about my ice cream fixation, I just want to mention how pleased I am with the little group of cave people we have using the Paleo and NeanderThin section of this forum. We have a really great clan.

Now for my problem. I never ate ice cream, even as a child. Since low-carbing, I have developed this terrible craving for it. I dream about it night and day. I haven't given up dairy altogether, I still have cream in my coffee and some grated cheese on my salads. Besides, the ice cream you get nowadays doesn't even contain cream or any natural ingredients so I don't think I am craving those. Any ideas folks?

Tue, May-04-04, 12:43
That's a hard one. If you're not craving dairy specifically, then maybe it's just the sweets. Ice cream IS damn good! It's definately my favourite cheat food! You can make paleo ice cream with coconut milk, honey or artificial sweetner and unsweetened cocoa/vanilla/whatever flavour you want. I do that sometimes...it's pretty good.

Milk DOES have addictive qualities. Dairy products (and gluten containing foods) contain opioid-like substances. Opioids are feel good chemicals like heroin, morphine, codeine etc. As breast feeding infants we bond with our mothers through the use of the feel good chemicals in mother's milk. You may actually have a real addiction to it. It's just a suggestion. Perhaps complete abstinence from all milk products could help?

For further information on opioids and food addictions, check out the following link:


It's very very interesting!

PS I'm also really happy that we've got such an active forum now. It's a pleasure to be able to check all the new messages on the forum each day. Lots of interesting discussion too!

Tue, May-04-04, 13:53
Thanks. That an excellent article.

btw I was doing some internet surfing and found this hilarious book review of "The Paleo Diet" by Cordain. It's a must read.


Tue, May-04-04, 14:04
That is an interesting article thansk for sharing. I read it the other day. Then went to Cordain's site and read his re-buttal. I still feel good about his information. ;)

I think the article is at:


As for ice cream cravings, I am not sure. It could be the sugar or dairy. More than likely the sugar. MMMmm
I don't like a lot of it, and haven't really eaten too much since I switched to the LC WOE. Atkins bars are okay. DH told me they had a bunch of new lC ice cream products at our local safeway. I did NOT even go down there. lOL he is still very atkins and got some peanut butter chocolate ice cream sandwiches. I did have a bite of one. It wasn't bad.

Maybe just having a small ice cream cone would help.

have you tried meditating on it and seeing if you find a solution.??
That always helps me. :)


Tue, May-04-04, 14:21
I used to crave ice cream more than I do now, but I am not sure what helped the most. I have gotten to a very low carb woe and upped my fat intake. It is not the food that I crave the most though, so that might not help. Marty

Wed, May-05-04, 08:49
Thanks for the support everyone. This too shall pass. I think it's the sugar I'm craving but don't want to binge on both sugar and grain (as in cakes, donuts, pies) so perhaps this is my way of cheating but not all the way. Went shopping last night and checked the ice cream freezer at the local supermarket. Found a Breyer's Ice Cream that along with sugar uses coconut oil, palm oil and coconut milk. Kind of surprised me! It contains saturated fat. The carb content was the same as Ice Cream that was sugar-free and used asparatame and sugar alcohols. Go figure. Anyway, I found it all very fascinating, because if they could make an ice cream using coconut milk and other coconut products, palm oil, and lets say, stevia, could it then be considered "Paleo." Lol. Let's develop a marketing and processing strategy right away. Do we need a patent?

Fri, May-07-04, 19:45

That is great news! We probably will need a patent. he he

Here are some names

Cave Cream
Paleo Pops
Ice Sicle Age

Fri, May-07-04, 21:23
I think you might be craving the sugar. Have some fruit.

I've been craving boston lettuce of all things and I cannot find any in the stores. :(

Sun, May-09-04, 18:30
hee-hee. i also like the name 'paleo pops' :)

well if you are craving ice cream there are lots of solutions or strategies. either go with it the 'paleo way' or indulge and move on, or just eliminate it... which is hard for me. with so many great people in our group, i'm sure something will come up. i thought that coconut cream idea sounded great!
i also have a little dish that i whip up in times that i have a craving that comes in handy if you wanted to keep it 'paleo friendly' but still satisfy the creaminess. you could do this:

- get some berries and freeze them, and a banana for extra sweetness if you want
- get some dried fruit and sliced nuts of choice, almonds for me!
- and some creamed coconut milk, the thick stuff
- if you like cinnamon and nutmeg, here's a perfect time to add some!
Blend the frozen fruits in a blender or processor until mushy, and a bit chuncky. Combine that with the dried fruit & nuts, and then combine with the coconut cream and spices, if using them. Put the mixture into a freezer proof container and chill until its a nice, ice creamy consistency. Paleo Heaven!!!
I'm wanting this right now....

Also, i'm so happy as well for this group. i feel like i stumbled on some secret gems (awe, shucks!)