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Wed, Jun-11-03, 18:54
I'm going to post this again here because I'd love for folks (male and female) to try this out and get back to me with results. The list of syptoms on DANDR PG 332 is so damn general that it's really unhelpful. I'd like to see if this is actually a reality and since atkins says that it should be taken very seriously I'd like to give it a whirl. Also, if we find that it does indeed work, we should be telling folks who stall to try this as well, heck maybe first since it'd be an immediate indicator. Less guessing is always helpful.


My spit sunk.


Lisa N
Wed, Jun-11-03, 19:38
It's an interesting experiment to try, but I'd really like to know where that test came from and what the scientific basis for it is before I gave it any credibility.
The other problem that I can see with this home test is that candida is naturally present in nearly everyone to one degree or another and this is generally not a problem unless the balance has been upset and the yeast have overgrown, so it's possible that you could test "positive" for candida in your saliva and not have a general systemic problem.
I'm also a little skeptical because when I did an internet search on the spit test, nearly every site that contained a reference to it also was selling...surprise, surprise...a remedy for candida infections.

Wed, Jun-11-03, 20:07
Yeah I saw that too. I did see a remark that 80% or so people should fail this test. That's why I was thinking about getting the masses here to try it out and see. If everyone comes back and said that their spit sunk, I know it's BS. If some folks who are having stalling probs/etc come back positive well then maybe it's an issue to get further tested on. I'm trying to find a more pharmacuetical test but am not having much luck.

Thu, Jun-12-03, 12:38
its been discussed before in this thread:


Thu, Jun-12-03, 15:39
Yeah, to bad nothing came of it there. I asked our infection control specialist and he couldn't say one way or another. Also asked a generic pharmacists at a food store and she said that yeast is indeed heavier and would probably sink but that she's never heard of that being tested that way, wasn't about to rule it out as the "old way" though. Guess I now just need to call the doc. It's hard to explain to folks that you aren't talking about urinary or oral thrush problems.

Lisa N
Thu, Jun-12-03, 18:08
It's hard to explain to folks that you aren't talking about urinary or oral thrush problems.

It might help if you referred to it as "systemic yeast infection" instead of just "yeast infection" or "yeast overgrowth". Most commonly, people get yeast infections locally in the mouth (thrush), vagina or urinary tract (candidiasis) and sometimes on the skin and that's the first thing that will come to mind if you just say "yeast infection".

Fri, Jun-13-03, 10:51
I did this test 4 months ago and it looked like octopus tenticles everywhere!!! I did it again after doing a candida diet and taking supplements and there were only a few legs. 95% less than before. My allergies, headaches, and itchie skin were also gone. Whenever I start getting sinus headaches now, I start taking liquid grapefruit seed before bed and in a day or 2 they go away again!!


I've heard of people getting Diflucan by prescription and it ridding systemic candida symptoms.

Jeanne Sch
Tue, Jul-01-03, 12:15
This has been my experience with saying SYSTEMIC YEAST INFECTIOn (been using it for years).

*They* tell me that in med school, they are taught that cancer and AIDS patients get this and that you are at DEATHS door when you have it (causes blood poisoning of some sort). So, the med types immediately tell you that you don't know what you are talking about (maybe they would have liked to have been deaf for 6 months in one ear from it).

As Dr Crook says, it is a systemic yeast infection when the yeast leaves the gut and travels through the bloodstream to different parts of the body (in me, it is in the lungs and ears).

Dr Atkins *symptom* area for candida - this is a very common problem. I didn't have many of the *usual* symptoms and kept overlooking it in my book NUTRITIONAL GUIDE TO HEALING (available at just about everyone's Health food store - it is the bible of nutrition and disease).
Most of the small ailments that we suffer (stuffy nose in the morning upon arising) heartburn, stomach upset, diahhrea and alternating constipation are all candida outta whack related - trust me, I'm the Queen of the Candida Machine ;)